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{Who:} Ares (Hercules/Xena) and Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite: BaS)
{Where:} Fantasy Ancient Greece
{When:} Early on in Ares' cannon, Post BaS for Elizabeth
{What Happens:} A chance meeting, mutual intrigue
{Warnings:} TBA

I was born by the devil; I was left here to die )
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» Booker DeWitt
(Bioshock Infinite)
I shamelessly ship these two; totally my OTP. I love plots that have these two kind of toeing the line of what is appropriate for there relationship. Slowburn romance, tension building, and relationship evolution are my favorite kind of theme for their interaction, as well as action scenes that explore the new combat dynamic they would have. Fluff. Drama. Not interested in quick smut, but eventual smut would be very much loved. Also LOVE the idea of plots that have them protect one another from danger. Settings I enjoy include Rapture and Little Hades, but I'm open to new ideas :)

» Elsa
Someone Liz tends to feel a little protective over. I adore the idea of some kind of rescue situation with them, as well as maybe fluff? The idea of Liz saving Elsa from something, or protecting her from something seems really cute to me. Eventual shipping would be very lovely indeed! Chicks with ice powers gotta stick together~ Cute, sweet, curious girl love is totally a thing!~

» Christine
Strong friendships are built on shared ground; Christine and Elizabeth both know the pain of losing the most important person in their world. They were both shaped by a dark father figure. They were both sheltered for much of their upbringing, and then suddenly thrown into a whirlwind of bloodshed. Both have interesting experiences with men in masks. They've both faced death. I also ship them so friggin' hard. Liz is painter, a musician, a singer. She also picks locks and breaks codes. Her makeup is her mask. It just works, so so good.

» Rapunzel
I don't know something fluffy, with some adventure thrown in there for good measure. And romance is also a plus-- super shy, awkward romance XD I ship everybody okay shush now.

» Rumpelstiltskin
Because Liz was based on Belle, so clearly it's a thing that has to happen *stamps it with a shipping sticker*

» Erik
Because everything she has in common with Christine. Also, Liz has seen a whole city full of maniacs with deformed faces, so appearances don't really phase her. Plus, Erik has to be better than Cohen, right? hahahahahahahahahano

» Xena
(Xena: Warrior Princess)
Because kick ass brunettes need to kick ass together. Also like shipping flavored!

» Gabriel
(Xena: Warrior Princess)
Especially love post-series Gabriel. Have another blue eyed ass kicking brunette? Shipping flavor loved <3

» Delta
(Bioshock 2)
I love the idea of Delta and Liz tearing through some chaotic city together. Shipping is a plus!

» Eleanor Lamb
(Bioshock 2)
I'm not the only person who ships this, right?

» Jack
She'd like to thank him for saving the Little Sisters; or punish him for killing them.

» Atlas
hate!sex I mean wut

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IC Contact

Feb. 26th, 2017 07:33 pm
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[IC Phone/Text/Email]

"You've reached the voicemail of Elizabeth DeWitt. Leave a message if you must; I'll get back to you at my earliest convenience."
[Sarcastic? Maybe slightly]
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{Little Hades Fiction}
Finding Paris

The hats had cinched it. )
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Elizabeth DeWitt

Woman with class and intellect looking for likeminded individuals for company and conversation. Must love music and have some taste for art. Encore mieux si vous parlez français.

Rugged, flawed older men are her type. Also looking to make useful connections in a new environment, and may be willing to trade a favor for a favor.

The favor is sex.

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💀 Player Information
Name: M.J
Age: 27
Contact: PM [personal profile] darkly_dreaming/[personal profile] not_mephistopheles/[personal profile] once_janus also my plurk is MJ_Magpie
Characters In-game: Dexter Morgan (Dexter Novels) Erik (Phantom Novel)

💀 Character Information
Name: Elizabeth DeWitt
Canon: Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea
Canon Point: Post-BAS
Age: 19

Elizabeth is a slender dark haired woman who looks like she could have wandered out of Gothem City (though she's coming from Rapture, LOL).

She wears simple striking colors and favors dark fierce makeup, creating a look that is both sensual and intimidating. Because of months spent under the sea with no real sunlight, her hair has lost its lighter highlights and her skin has grown quite pale. Elizabeth's eyes are perhaps her most striking feature, and were said to resemble a blue summer sky, but her time spent in Rapture makes her appear haunted as much as enchanting.

Her design at the beginning of the game was largely inspired by Disney princesses, but by the end she's more like Disney Princess Gone Bad. Through much of the game she was associated with the color blue, but after the events of end-game, she's shown more in reds, which I think represents corruption. Also, it feels to me like blue was a color associated with her captor, and red was a little more associated with the man who rescued her. I feel like it's "Corruption by freedom" and "Innocence of Capture" kind of deal, if that makes sense outside my brain.

Also, heels and fishnets, because *yum*

Physical changes: Large black feathered wings.


Elizabeth used to have some pretty game-breaking powers, such as manifesting things from other dimensions, and ripping holes in space and time. Thankfully, that Elizabeth technically killed herself, by choosing to occupy a dimension in which she had already died. This caused her to materialize in a "reset" kind of body, without phenomenal cosmic powers.

However, she did pick up some Plasmids, which encode a few interesting abilities into her DNA. These abilities consume EVE, which can be quickly replenished with an eve hypo (essentially, a syringe of liquid eve). In the absence of such, other more commonly found items may be used to recover smaller amounts of eve: coffee, cigarettes, sodapop, tea, etc. Also drinking booze drains her eve.

TL;DR her powers are:

* Possession: for a short time (less than five minutes) Elizabeth can possess a machine/humanoid life form, and bend them to her will. In-game, the ability is only used to make enemies fight on her side-- before knocking them out as the effect wears off. However, when exploring some kind of school in Rapture, Elizabeth comes across a message insisting instructors use Possession to quiet rowdy children and make them behave, so I think it's logical to deduce that Possession has a wide variety of uses. As I mentioned, Possession can also be used to hack machines but the hack is indefinite. Obviously this will be more wonky in Hell with crappy tec :P

* Peeping Tom: Elizabeth has the power to turn invisible, as well as see through walls. As long as she's standing still no eve is consumed, but it slowly drains as she moves about.

* Ironsides: She creates a magnetic shield around herself that makes her bullet proof. Any ammo she is hit with becomes hers to shoot back, and it also restores small amounts of health and eve.

* Old Man Winter: Elizabeth is given powers of frost, allowing her to freeze enemies solid, and sometimes shatter them on impact. The ability can be used in a variety of ways, uch as freezing large amounts of water, or cooling overheated machinery. Also, if she freezes someone and just lets them de-thaw (happens in a few minutes) they will forget that they saw her.

Elizabeth is also proficiently skilled with hand guns, shot guns, and crossbow (with or without special ammo) and something called a Radar Range with is kind of like a microwave-gun but we don't need to talk about that one.

She's also fearless enough to ride skyrails with her skyhook/air grabber, depending on which universe you're talking about. The generic version would be something akin to a grappling hook ala batman, only with rails instead of buildings.

Oh, and once in awhile, the multiverse kinda leaks into her head. Because her mind is now only mortal, she can't comprehend or grasp the vastness of the multiverse, and the images show up jumbled and blurred. They also may or may not be causing brain hemorrhages, with all those unpleasant nose bleeds.

She's also wickedly smart (she understands quantum physics, and a lot of other random subjects), an amazing codebreaker, lockpicker, and scavenger. As well, she's knowledgeable in emergency medical care (proficient with bandaging and injections, etc.).

History: You're not sorry... but you're about to be
Hell Status: Heaven Transfer

What Brings Them To Hell: Elizabeth's soul was judged for heaven, but the decision was won only by the width of a hair. The young woman had done some very dark things, but ultimately heaven loves a martyr, which Elizabeth most certainly was.

So heaven it was, and for months, Elizabeth waited. But the one she hoped for never showed up, even if she thought he damned well should. If her death was good enough to redeem her, than his should have been too.

So maybe... he was Somewhere Else. At her query, Elizabeth was enthusiastically encouraged to participate in the Heaven Transfer program; a free ticket downstairs, a chance to do some good... and to search for someone who may have lived a life less clean than her own (though, by now, it was not by much).

Elizabeth was approved for the program all too quickly; some angels whisper it was because she does not belong in heaven, that her sins are too great. Or maybe they're just unnerved by those black feather wings...

The Pitch:

[The case of one Elizabeth DeWitt (formerly Comstock) has been subject to much controversy in the courts. All three factions of death had a claim to her soul, so the young woman herself was asked to produce a statement for the court’s judgement. The following is a transcript of her statement to the court:]

You want to know where I think you should put me? I’m guessing everyone here expects me to plead for Heaven, but that isn’t going to happen. I’m going to make this simple, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the facts.

My name is Elizabeth DeWitt. Once, I could see everything; every possible moment in the scope of the multiverse. But I gave that up, to pay my debt—to fix my mistake. Would you like to know what my mistake was?

I almost burned a little girl alive, for the sake of my own vengeance.

I know that is enough to condemn me, I accept that. I didn’t return to Rapture for the sake of my immortal soul. I went back for Sally. I went to make it right. I never should have left her in that dark god-forsaken place. When I could see everything, I knew the part I had to play in Rapture and I knew it would cost me my life. I knew that alone would save her—so you could say, right then and there, I chose to walk into hell of my own accord.

I died to save her—Sally, and all the Little Sisters. I suppose you think that’s selfless of me. I’m not so sure that it was.

What did I really have left to live for?

Technically, I shouldn’t even exist anymore. And why should I? Different versions of me have set the world on fire; and how about me, personally? Well, you see the blood on my clothes, on my hands, don’t you? Not all of it is mine. The first time I killed, it was so horrible… but someone once told me that killing gets easier faster than you can imagine.

And he was right. I didn’t kill that final Comstock, but I was the hand behind his death. I slaughtered the sons of bitches that spent six months torturing me for what really seemed like their own perverted pleasure. Splicers, Vox—they were all people, people that are dead because of me.

I can tell you this: sometimes bullets work better than tranquiliser darts. Sometimes they don’t. I had to stop hesitating in order to survive. Someone told me once that my father’s blood runs in my veins, but it didn’t have to be on my hands.

That was a joke.

So do what you want with me; my own judgement is harsher than yours could ever be.

When you don't have anything left to give, dying for your mistakes is all you can do.

You just have to hope it’s enough.

Setting Fit:

Via an awesome suggestion from the aMazing mods, I will be inventing an NPC run business for Elizabeth to work at. It's called Little Parasites and it's a failing little coffee shop with open mic nights on its tiny stage. She may rent out the apartment above the store, especially considering the fact that she'll be stuck in the hive. I figure Liz can get hired to sing there, maybe decorate the place with her paintings, and hopefully the shop will become more popular.

She's also down here looking for the one and only friend she ever made, so she might poke around the police department and ask about missing persons. Also, she's too much of a good person to watch bad shit go down, and she's pretty tough with her powers and skills. If she sees a wrong that needs righting, she'll give it a shot.


Come to Hell, They said. You'll be given your own comfortable little slice of Heaven-brand damnation in a cute cookie cutter home, they said. If Elizabeth had learned one thing, it was that when something seemed too good to be true, it usually was. Then why take the trip Downstairs? You could say it was for a man.

But now, alone and walking the streets of Little Hades, Elizabeth is faced with the unrefined reality of her decision. She was only one woman searching for one person on a plain of billions and billions. Hell, Booker might not even be in this reality as all, but... but it was worth a try. And apparently, her try was worth a lot of snarling demons and a few people throwing rotten fruit or rocks (or worse, personal, more slimey things). It didn't matter; at least demons were honest with thier distaste, unlike the snobby angels Ms. DeWitt had had to deal with...

At least her large oil-spill colored wings shielded her from the scorching winds. Elizabeth hardly knew what she was looking for; but she did know The Hive was no place for her, for she had spent enough time crammed into tight quarters with raving lunatics. Rapture may have been the place she died, but finding its likeness didn't put her much at ease. Fresh wary memories drove her from the labyrinthine structure and into the slightly less crowded streets, where she settled into uneasy restless roaming. This was pointless, wasn't it? It wasn't like she was just going to bump into him on the streets. But she had nowhere to go; the only place she had ever wanted to go felt so far away to her now.

A fleeting, faded dream of Paris. But... wait. Elizabeth's haunted blue eyes narrowed as she peered through the blur of the heat, trying to make out the letters of a flickering sign.

'Little Parasites'

but some of the letters flickered out for a few lingering moments, and the remaining glowing fuchsia letters spelled out:

'Little Paris.'

A small dry ghost of a smile touched insistently to her ruby-painted lips. Well... what the hell, why not. The young woman could see much of the tiny shop as she approached, as much of the front display was of smudged glass with cracks like spiderwebs. Inside, the narrow walls were naked and stained, and a tiny stage hunched uncomfortably towards the back, hemmed in by a ratty pair of red velvet curtains. A scattering of seats were crammed around hefty black marble counters, and there was even a busty glass display featuring a display of Highly Suspect Baked Goods. On the counters behind the display, heavy duty industrial coffee makers sat steaming early, ready to burn someone's face off with a single drop. The little skulls and bells upon the door clinked and clattered as she entered, announcing her presence to no one inside the vacant coffee shop.

Or so it seemed.

"You here about the singin' job?" came the rasping voice of a blind elderly demon. She looked ancient, as though she would crumble to dust as she shambled down a tight hall of descending stairs, towards the front counter where Elizabeth hovered.

"Pardon me?"

"The singin' job, you know-- it's on the sign, in the window. Lookin' for singers, dancers, entertainers who will work for cheap?"

Elizabeth's eyes darted to the window-- there was no such sign. A job, though? That could prove useful.

"Oh, yes of course. Would you like me to sing something for you, as a kind of pseudo-audition?"

The ancient demoness grunted in agreement, pointing a gnarled claw in the general direction of the stage. "Get up there, try not to crack the windows with yer hollerin'. If yer half tolerable, ya got the job."


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